Hey All!

First, on behalf of the Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Epsilon Beta Chapter we would like to wish you a very, very happy Valentine's Day. For those of you opposed to the holiday (for whatever reason-- and hey! it's your prerogative) you may be interested in the following story: Bloody Origins of St. Val's. Either way, enjoy the holiday or at the very least wait until tomorrow and buy all the discounted chocolate, yum.

Okay. So now that the Snowpocalypse is over and classes are back to normal (ack) Epsilon Beta is also in full swing.

We will begin the week with a Valentine's Day Sale in Cobb from 9:30--3pm; come and buy ALL the heart-shaped sugar cookies you want.

This Wednesday, Feb 16 join us as we host "Mass Incarceration and Democracy in America" with guest speaker Touissant Losier. It will be at 5710 S Woodlawn (aka OMSA) from 6-7pm. It promises to be informative and compelling so please do come!

Much love from EB!

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